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What We Do...

For TLC Pet Movers LLC this is not just a business...animals are our passion and our livelihood. 

We provide long distance transport and local care services in South Asheville, North Carolina.

We are licensed and insured.  

HowWe DoWhat We Do...

​We provide private, door to door transportation for your cats and dogs throughout the continental United States, who will be traveling with just the driver(s) and their fur siblings.

  • Our drivers will stop every 3-4 hours for a potty break, short walk, water, treat and TLC. Dogs will have the opportunity to stretch and have a walk before going back on the road.

  • Drivers will play your pet's favorite tunes at a pleasing volume.

  • Pets will be secured with a seatbelt that connects to their harness or they will travel comfortably in their crates.

  • Pets will be outfitted with a tracking device so you can follow them during their journey. 

  • Cats will have the option to be transported in their crates or in large crates with a litter box, water and food.

  • We can transport dogs and cats throughout the continental USA and you can choose to have us transport in your vehicle as well.

Why Choose TLC Pet Movers LLC?

A great choice for pets with previous trauma or a history of abuse who will benefit from relocating alone or with just other family pets.


So you can focus on your move and we can focus on safely relocating your pets.

We relocate your pet comfortably to reduce their anxiety.

Your pet will travel with experienced pet care providers who are passionate about pets.

Where Does The Journey Start...

Currently most of our drivers are based out of North Carolina where our HUB is located. Other drivers are located in the Southeastern states. Once you determine the dates that you would like your pets transported we will match you with the closest drivers that are available to the pick up or delivery location.

The driver(s) will either drive or fly to the pickup location city. 

When picking up the pets we will also make sure that all of the necessary items needed for transport are collected, we will answer any questions that you have and then we will securely load up your pets in the vehicle. Dogs who prefer not to travel in their crates will be fitted with a gentle leader harness if they are not wearing one already so we can attach the a doggy seatbelt.

Drivers will communication with mom and dad, starting with a phone call 1-2 hours before pickup, they will send an update and picture at the end of each stop according to mom and dad's preferences and will call again 1-2 hours before delivery. 

We look forward to meeting you and your fur children and to transporting them to their new homes!

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Our transport services are door to door, providing an experience that is as stress less and calm as possible. Estimated cost for transport is $2.oo per mile.

Text or call: (828) 564-6426


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